Beauty Trend: Hair Style Color - Spring 2014

4:50:00 PM

I spent some of my time today searching for the hot hairstyle trends of the year. Apparently, people are adopting a lighter shade of blonde this year. Ombre hair being the hot trend of last year, everyone wants even blonder hair now.

Trends mostly decided by celebrities, most of them are really at their lighter blonde shades ever. The platinum blonde is really on top this year.

People are going for something very blonde such as Christina Aguilera's hair.

Even some of the legendary brunettes are trying the blonde look. But some keep going into a darker shade, such as Kim Kardashian, who's famous brown hair, now is a dark blonde.

Also, Cara Delevingne's latest look shows her having really dark-blonde-colored hair. And her usual, really blonde sombre hair, has been missing.

To be honest, I love this hair color. And I would love to have it too, but I doubt it would match my skin tone.
But I also love the light brown hair tone I already have with the different blonde highlights.

Do you think I should make my hair blonder? And which hair color do you prefer?

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  1. And that's when I realise how happy I am to be naturally blonde :p
    But I prefer red hair, I have to admit..

    Maybe you should try, it could fit on you !

    Bisous !

    1. I might try a blonder shade for summer! (:

  2. Me I like to be brune :)

    1. I get you to be honest, j'adore les cheveux bruns!


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