Get The Perfect Beach Body For Summer

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May and June may seem two months of spring, but what they really are is a preparation of summer. Summer, is the one season everyone loves and waits for. But how to be ready for this incredible season: physically and morally?

I think everyone's already figured out how to be ready mentally. Truth is, we've never been not ready for summer. As much as some may like the cold weather, you can't deny that summer still is your favorite time of the year. With beautiful beaches, and the shiny sun, the soft breeze while tanning next to a blue-colored sea, summer is almost here. 

For the physical part, we all want that beach body, don't we? 
Well, burning the fat we've proudly piled up over winter, starts now. Goodbye chocolate paradise, goodbye fine deserts, goodbye lazy bed days... And hello to the healthy summer lifestyle: more exercise, more healthy food and more happiness. 

Let's imagine to be there, swimming between boats and fishes, splashing, and relaxing. 
Now come back from your dream and stay right here: look into the mirror, now look back to the picture. This is not how you'd like to look when you'll be there.
Here are 5 Steps to follow in order to have your beach body: 

1. Be Motivated

How much do you want the beach body? What do you want more: a slice of cake, or your beach body? If you really want it, you need to make sure your motivation is always at its top. You can achieve that by going through many pictures: of amazing places, of amazing bodies, of your goal. You can also write a note to yourself in which you encourage yourself to go on and to resist to all temptations (you can read the note every time you feel like you're going to fail yourself). Remind yourself that you can do it! 

2. Be Your Best Self

If you go again over what I said, you'll find 'more happiness' along the way. In fact, when you're healthy and your body is healthy, it instantly becomes happy and you become happy as well. In order to do that, you need to make sure you look at yourself happily. Accept yourself before starting, then you can make yourself even better. But remember to always be yourself because you want to be the best person you can be and not someone else. Have a happy vision!

3. Organize This Lifestyle

When do you start? Monday! Well NO. You start right now and the sooner is the better. Remember that you'll be thanking yourself while looking at yourself proudly. Make a list of what it is you want to have more in your life and what you want to avoid or abolish from it. Also, organize your time, so that every minute you have something to do and that you never feel so bored to actually stop this new good lifestyle and go back to what is bad for your health. But, stay realistic, and don't set the bar too high. Remember that you want this to last, and it's not for the short run. 

4. Exercise

Jogging is fun for some, while for others a ball-related sport is funner. Well, find what suits you best and practice it. But don't stick to only one exercising plan! You need to have a large variety in so you don't get bored! Maybe you can download an exercising app on your phone or save some pictures with a work-out plan that matches your goal and your wants.

5. Do it! 

Well you won't know what will happen unless you act and do it! When you do it, you do it well though, and that leads you to success and happiness because a happy person is a fulfilled person. You're the only one that's responsible of your life. All those temptations are nothing next to you! And if you don't try you'll never know! Failing is a step towards the final win! In all cases, make sure you're ready psychologically for this change and don't do it for anyone but yourself!

FINAL TIP : Some things that could make you a happier person: vegetables and fruits, reading, organizing, taking care of yourself, smiling, being ambitious... 

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  1. Good point. Summer here is about change as well--eating, exercise, activities, etc.--all for the better in my opinion. Enjoy your Sunday.

    1. Summer is always a good time to make a change ;)


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