Holy Saturday at Saint Charbel, Annaya

6:48:00 PM

It's such a bummer, arriving to such a beautiful place and realizing that the camera is missing. Well, I had to live with it and use a phone's camera in order to share with you this amazing trip. Since it's the Holy Week, and family time is a priority, we decided to visit St. Charbel's Sanctuary located in Annaya, Lebanon. 

The weather was fine and I was able to wear a skirt with a flower-printed shirt. I had a blast with my lovely family. We then, decided to go for lunch at Mhanna in Antilias. It was delicious as always.

Shirt from: Stradivarius
Skirt from: Zara
Shoes from: Sport&Loisir

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  1. Very cute look, beautiful skirt and location. Great quality photos even though you used your phone.



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