My Essential Make-Up Kit

8:26:00 PM

Between school, my blog and my other activities, I've been losing sleep. And make-up surely affects my facial traits. In order to be the best I could be daily, I need to feel pretty: or else I wouldn't be encouraged to keep on doing anything, even what I love.

And my make-up is crucial to me. I could go on without it, but I feel so much better wearing it. And that is always with a natural style!

First Item: My Concealer - Estée Lauder

It's the first thing I apply for two main reasons: First, my dark circles are hereditary and second, I get no sleep. It's a magic trick! 

Second Item: My Foundation - Coco Chanel

I specially use it during winter, not much in summer because I become really pale due to my lack of tanning in summer. It helps unify my skin tone and make it sparkly.

Third Item: My Eye Liner - Clarins

As a brow-eyed girl, adding black to my eye's outline draws attention to it, and makes it seem even lighter. I love the black eye-liner specially, because it fills the emptiness of the face. 

Fourth Item: My Mascara -Estée Lauder

I particularly have really long eye lashes, that are really thin. Black mascara is amazing because it expands a woman's charm.

Fifth Item: Lipstick - Dior

Down to my favorite part of a woman's face: lips. And yes, I even love mine but that doesn't mean I can't improve them. Adding some color sure helps out. 

Although I'm really classic regarding my make-up and prefer to go with classical colors such as red or black, I love being a bit crazy at times, with it, depending on my clothing. 

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