Just the typical Italian mamma!

9:14:00 AM

My mom is probably originally from Italy because even her genes can cook. And it was delicious!

So my family organized a dinner with a couple of friends of theirs and my ultimate favorite part of the family! And as any parent, they love to 'exhibit' me. Therefore, I HAD to wear something, my mom said and I quote 'cute'. Not so much as an obligation, I love to dress up so it was pretty easy!

Crop Top : Bershka
Skirt: Stradivarius
Heels: Miss Milly
Necklace: Accessorizes 

One thing you probably didn't notice, I've been having fun changing my eye color lately.
Well, Carpe Diem, am I right?


I might once add how to make one of these because YUM!

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