Making My Way Downtown, Walking Fast.

2:57:00 PM

Let me tell you a bit about the perks of having a large handbag.

After my class' dinner last night, where I have chosen to wear heels, my friends and I decided to take a walk next to the port and just chill there, listening to the waves flow by. 

Since we already knew that we were going to continue our night elsewhere, I had brought with me a pair of black converse, in which I can walk for hours. It turned out perfectly fine because I managed to look appropriate for both activities.

Top: Bershka
Short: Stradivarius
Bag: Armani
Heels: Miss Milly
Shoes: Converse

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  1. I used to love small shoulder bag but now that I wear more heels, I prefer bigger bag. I need my flats, I can walk for hours in heels.

    1. I know, I always prefer to have flats with me, just in case!

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