Fun in the Sun

2:01:00 PM

What about a day out with a couple of friends? 

So, we decided to meet-up and have lunch altogether while sitting back and talking. This gathering was a lot of fun, specially since the only people there were my closest friends. 

Are you the kind to have lots of friends or a few close ones?

I'm still going on with my flower prints. I just love them! Although, I also appreciate more of a grunge style. I don't cope so well with it though, let's stick to flowers and happiness...
I'm not a reserved person, I'm actually really outgoing but I love spending time with my close friends.

Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Tally Weijl

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  1. Your skirt is so cute, I love the pop of blue in this look. I prefer to have a few close friends that I can trust than a whole bunch of friends that I cant confide in.

  2. In love with your skirt !!



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