20 Facts About Me

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Recently, many bloggers have been tagged to do the '20 Facts About Me' post and I've been tagged just today as well. I'd first like to thank Blonde Dusk for tagging me. I decided to post it on here, not on Instagram because it seems easier to reach. 

So let's get started! 
Are you and I alike? 

FACT #1 - I am a singer. 
You read that right, beside being a fashion fanatic, I have a passion for singing. I've been singing since I was 8 and I've never stopped since then. I am currently developing my talent in the classical area. Singing is the best thing I've got in my life. I've been told I am talented too, so it's all good. 

FACT #2 - I am a dancer. 
Yes, that too. I've been dancing for 10 years. Mainly, it's been hip-hop and street dance I'm doing. I also did a year of ballet and a year of oriental. I can dance to any music really. You can say music is the center of my world. 

FACT #3 - I am an actress. 
Oh, did I forget to mention? That's sadly my last talent. I act. I'm good at that. It's cute.
I am kind of an aesthete, yes.

FACT #4 - I'd choose caramel over chocolate.
Oh how I love caramel, specially topped on a nice cold latte. To be honest, My Cup Of Tea could have been named Fashion Caramel, but that was already taken. Do I need to say that I love tea? Or is it already obvious? 

FACT #5 - I am super moody. 
My mood swings are surreal to be honest. I fight a lot with people I love due to that because I can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. I can also be a delight. Oh and I'm modest ;). 

FACT #6 - I love reading. 
It hasn't been long but ever since I discovered I loved reading I haven't been able to stop. So far, I read those cliche books such as the John Green's books and the Harry Potter book series. 

FACT #7 - This is my favorite number.
I was born on a 7 and being the superstitious person I am, I decided it was a good number for me. I don't know if it even got me luck or anything.

FACT #8 - I love strong sensations and adventures!
I'm a really active person and what I love on top of everything is going to extremes. Also, my biggest fear is heights, yeah here's a contradiction in me. I like going beyond my limits and surpassing my fears. 

FACT #9 - I am afraid of clowns. 
How can their red nose, big feet and dumbfounded smiles not scare the shit out of you? Let's not discuss this fear, I might cry.

FACT #10 - I love animals. 
From dogs to cats to horses to dolphins... I can live in a zoo until the day I die. I also admire feline such as tigers and puma. These are the best creatures ever. No offense my fellow humans...

FACT #11 - I'm an Italophile. 
That means, I'm an admirer of Italy and everything that comes with it. From food, to historical events, to language, to people and football. Italy is my first choice. 

FACT #12 - My music taste is super weird. 
My three favorite bands are: Linkin Park, The Cab, American Authors. Yes, you can see how my taste varies. But that's just me.

FACT #13 - Speaking about weird, I am. 
I am the weirdest person ever. I'm really daring and I don't really do the whole 'think before you act' thing. I prefer acting spontaneously and doing whatever comes to mind. It has its pros and cons. Also, people's points of view is the last thing I check. I don't really care about pointy fingers...

FACT #14 - I can be a real guy sometimes. 
Sitting all day on the couch playing video games? Yes, please.
Watching football ? Yes, please.
Feelings and flowers? No, thank you. 

FACT #15 - Black.
You might have noticed that but black is my favorite. I can wear it all my life. I don't think it's a sad color. And I like the idea of it being 'the absence of color'. I think it's such a useful and beautiful 'absence of color'. I feel good in black. 

FACT #16 - I don't sleep a lot.
I don't find the idea of sleeping 12 hours appealing. I can survive life while sleeping 6 to 8 hours per night. I don't need more than that to be super extra active. I believe the world belongs to those who rise early. 

FACT #17 - I love pictures. 
I love taking pictures and being taken in pictures. I love the concept of pictures and I love the fact you can preserve a whole memory through a small click. You'd never see me turning away from a camera focus. I am the 'selfie' girl. Yeah...

FACT #18 - Make Up is quite essential for me. 
Not that I use much of it, but beside the fact that make-up can hide so many things, I love putting it. It's pure fun and it's also magic. It's a 3 in 1 package. 

FACT #19 - I am the nicest person.
It's a gift and a curse. I don't really know how to be mean to people's face. I can't. I forgive easily and you get second chances if you want and third and fourth and unlimited chances. Though, I take my time to trust people so that's a good thing. But when I care, I care too much.

FACT #20 - I can't live without my TV shows. 
I watch so many TV shows and it's probably why my school grades dropped considerably. As a girl, I can't not watch The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill... And as a person, I can't not watch Arrow, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon A Time... 

That was it! Hope you learned a bit about me and hope you enjoyed reading it (: 
Are you anything like me? 

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  1. We actually have a lot in common!
    Love that black dress by the way, it's stunning

    thatmodgirl.blogspot.com xx

  2. nice knowing more about u :)


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