Got The Blues For Stripes

3:03:00 PM

Fall is the season of bipolar weather. It's the time where nothing in your closet seems suitable for the weather. Too cold for crop tops and shorts, too hot for sweats and pants. Well, it's the perfect timing for blazers! 

To be honest, blazers keep me going during autumn. They're the best item you can use over any kind of outfit in order to make it fall-ish. What is your perfect item for fall? 

This is what I wore to a shopping trip with my sister and my mother. We spent two hours rummaging through clothes at the stores only to find one item at Vero Moda. You'll get to see it soon! (: 

Dress: H&M 
Blazer: Bershka
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Zara 
Glasses: Ray-Ban 

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  1. Hi sweetie
    you look wonderful
    Love your dress and your photos
    Maggie D.
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