Perfect Match: Sushi & Fondant Au Chocolat

11:29:00 AM

Again, the food looked so tasty, but don't judge a book by its cover. 

For a great lunch date, I recommend you go for sushi, and then take a full-on chocolate desert. Maybe your choices can be wiser though! 
Sushi at Ichiban was actually quite amazing, and I was just messing with you. When isn't sushi great? The prices were a bit high compared to other sushi restaurant, but it was worth it for the perfect taste.
I loved the salmon salad more than anything. It was honestly extra good! 

But, for a great desert afterwards, you have to check out Moka&More. We ate a 'fondant au chocolat' and I have to admit I regret the few extra calories. But the taste was heavenly and the breathtaking fondant was flawless.
The chocolate melting in your mouth with the hot and cold mix with the ice-cream was the cherry on top of the whole lunch!

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  1. OMG so delicious!!!!
    Maggie D.
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