The Sandra Daccache Fashion Show

4:29:00 PM

As promised, this is the post I wanted to do about the fashion show I attended on Saturday.
I'd like to point out that it was an amazing show! I chose to feature my favorite designs of it.

All dresses are available for ordering and measuring. 

1. My three favorite black top and pants are these. These 3 look amazing. I love the first one mostly, because of the crossing it does at the neck region. 

2. I love this black dress. It takes us back to the classical times and actually mixes patterns. Black leather is awesome! I also love its end and how the straight becomes wavy. 

3. Meet my favorite dress upon the beige ones. It’s a fantastic dress that is long-sleeved and has a cut-out on the front. I love this part of the dress because it really shows a mysterious side of the woman. 

4. Meet my favorite dress upon the red ones. This long dress actually has a black neckline and a front cut over the legs. 

5. Meet the ‘Clous du spectacle’. These dresses left the whole room in awe because of the splendid material and cut they have. I loved them because of their sparkle. I guess both are enjoyable dresses to wear because they make you shine as well.

I saved the best for last: the cutest long black dress. If you’re not going to get it for yourself, I will. I honestly fell in love with this dress. The cut-outs and the sleeves are adorable! It also has a nice skirt that flows easily. 

That's mostly it for the best part. I hope you liked them and if you do, make sure to give a thumbs up to the talented designer: Sandra Daccache.

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