9 Things About Prague

5:58:00 PM

After a week spent in beautiful, freezing Prague in the Czech Republic, I'm more than happy to be back in my own bed, and in my own comfort. But, somehow, I already miss waking up to the amazing sights of the falling snow. 

Here's a brief diary of what I liked most during the trip. Please excuse the shortness of the post because our hands were too cold to take pictures at all time. This was what I was able to shoot and thank you Google, you're a lifesaver. 

1- The Vltava River

(My Own Photography)

2- Charles' Bridge

(My Best-friend's photography)

3- Church of the Virgin Mary before Tyn

(My own photography)
4- The Dancing House

(Maria-Christina Semaan's photography)

5- Infant Jesus of Prague

(Maria Christina Semaan's photography)
6- Cathedral St. Vitus


7- Astronomical Clock


8- Old Town Square


9- Lennon Wall 


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  2. The Lennon Wall and the Before I Die wall were my favorites! Did you go to the Yellow Submarine pub? It's so cute :D
    BTW one of the most disappointing things in my life was waiting for the Astronomical Clock to ring at 6:00 pm... such a let down haha

    1. Sadly no, I did not get to go to the Yellow Submarine pub! I know, we were there at 12:59 so we didn't really wait much for the clock, and it wasn't so fascinating :(

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