A Little Dance In The Snow: How to dress nice in the FREEZING cold

9:18:00 PM

Haven't you been freezing lately? Whether in Prague or in Beirut, I can notice the temperatures dropped down considerably leading us to frostbites and colds.

But, in order to warm up, one mustn't be unfashionable. 
In fact, the easiest thing to do is to dress well in cold weather. Here's how!
How To Dress Nice in Cold Weather:

Step 1 - Choose the top layer - Jacket, Coat, Anorak... 

Here I picked the cutest anorak ever, the bright color makes it easier for me to accessorize with much simpler items. 

Step 2 - Choose the matching pants - Black, White, Blue...

I chose to be basic by picking out a blue jeans. 

Step 3 - Match the sweater to your top layer or to your pants.

Here are pictures of me wearing a thick sweater that matches the blue of my jeans. I also wore once a brown sweater that matched the fur of my anorak. You can do either! 

Step 4 - Match the shoes and the bag to one piece of your outfit. 

My Uggs match my anorak, but my bag match my sweater.

Step 5 - Accessorizing with warm pieces. 

This must be the easier step. You can choose a complete, matching set of beanie, scarf and glove (which is the easiest way) or you can still add a bit of originality to the look by adding a color that ties the whole look together (which I didn't do). 

What are your ways to dress cute in the freezing cold? Would you do what I did? 
How amazing are the pictures UNDER THE SNOW!! 

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  1. I layer up like an onion when the temps are freezing!Iam fortunate enough I live in a place where it doesn't get too cold though!Great tips :)

    1. me too, the temperatures here drop rarely! thank you xx

  2. Such a great look for the winter! Lots of layers are a must!
    Stylin In St. Louis

    1. Thank you! Of course they are, you have no idea how much I compiled under that large sweater ;)

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  4. You look so nice like you rightly said dear


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