Latest Adds to My Make-Up Kit

10:55:00 AM

Hey guys! 

Some new items were added to my Winter Make-Up Kit and I decided to show them off to you. 

I tried these items several times and I can gladly say, they're pretty awesome! 

1- The Lancôme Concealer: 
This long-lasting concealer has its pros and cons.
Pros: It hides all imperfections. It lasts over 12 hours.
It's easily rinsed off. It mixes with the skin color.
Cons: It's too essential and I must have it on me at all-times.

 2- The Chanel Lip-liner:
I'm obsessed with big lips, specially since I don't have any.
The best way to fake them would be a lip-liner. This one is a dark shade of red.
I really like it, cause it melts with your lips and it doesn't leave any traces that it's all an illusion!
The brush side of it is pretty good too, it fills the lips in a natural, attractive way.

3- The Lancôme Eye-Liner: 
This is probably my favorite upon the three new items.

I love it cause it's super easy to apply. The softness of it makes the hand-flowing straight. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Lancome products are really the best I tried! xo

  2. I want to try out the Lancome eyeliner! It's on the listttt :D

    1. I can guarantee it's a GREAT eyeliner!!


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