Minnie Mouse Becomes Serious

8:34:00 PM

Hey Guys! 
Sunday is Family Day. Well, occasionally. We don't set a family day at every end of the week, but no need to argue that the best day to be joined all together would be Sunday! 

The whole trip didn't necessarily go as planned.
But overall, we had a nice time and I got to practice my driving a bit.
So, I've been wanting to shoot this outfit for a while and I wore it once more because I thought the beautiful views would allow me to take good pictures!
Did I actually succeed?

Hey Nike? I'm in love with Air Max. 

Sometimes, my pictures are on point and my poses seem pretty professional and serious... 
And sometimes, I try to look like Minnie Mouse on my sweater and fail miserably.  

So what do you think of the outfit? Make sure to leave your ideas down there in the comment box!

Pants: Zara
Collar (which is actually a top): Bershka
Sweater: Disney
Shoes: Nike
Glasses: DKNY

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