Styled Like Miranda Kerr

11:25:00 AM

Hey guys! 

Have you been keeping up with me via Social Media? Well if you haven't, then you should. And if you have, then have you noticed I started posting about a Style Inspiration of the Week?

Well last week's style inspiration, was Leighton Meester and this week it was Miranda Kerr.
I decided to also add one thing about the Style Inspiration of the Week: Recreating a Look of hers!
So if you want to keep up with this new idea: The recreation of the look will be here on the blog and the announce of the Style Inspiration would be on Instagram on Sundays afternoons! 
Here's the First Recreation based on this outfit of Miranda Kerr's:

Sometimes I just strike the weirdest, awkwardest poses!

Thank you for my tripod for existing.
Since no one would take my pics, I sometimes do that thing were I set a timer and dance alone. 

Should I hash tag this Struggles of a Fashion Blogger? 

About my outfit:

Handbag: Furla
Shoes: H&M
Shorts: Stradivarius
Sweater: Bershka
Jean Shirt: Bershka
Coat: GS
Glasses: Ray-Ban 

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  1. We love Miran Ker and style, will always perfect !! No doubt you've cloned the perfection !! :)


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