Top 25 Dresses By Lebanese Designers from the Paris Haute Couture Week

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Hey guys!

This week, all social medias were ravaging with dreamy dresses by the best of Haute Couture in Paris. From Dior to Chanel to Valentino, the streets of Paris were glowing with the lights of the runways. And as usual, the Lebanese designers were right on point.

Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad and Georges Hobeika, were all three ruling the runways and taking over the hearts of the fashionistas. Long dresses, short dresses, princess-like or witch-like, the whole deal is now here on the blog.

My favorite 25 dresses from the three designers are here! 

Now I know some have been criticizing Murad for copying Saab in this collection of his. I do understand the confusion, but I believe Zuhair Murad adapted some of Elie Saab's ideas while never letting go of his signature sensuality. I think his pieces are one of a kind just like Elie Saab's and Georges Hobeika's.
To me, all three artists are the Picassos of Haute Couture! 

25 - by Elie Saab

24- by Georges Hobeika

23- by Georges Hobeika

22- by Elie Saab

21- by Zuhair Murad

20- by Elie Saab

19- by Georges Hobeika

18- by Zuhair Murad

17- by Elie Saab

16- by Zuhair Murad

15- by Georges Hobeika

14- by Elie Saab

13- by Zuhair Murad

12- by Georges Hobeika

11- by Zuhair Murad

10- by Elie Saab

9- by Georges Hobeika

8- by Zuhair Murad

7- by Elie Saab

6- by Georges Hobeika

5- by Zuhair Murad

4- by Georges Hobeika

3- Zuhair Murad

2- Elie Saab

And I decided to crown Georges Hobeika the king of Paris Haute Couture Week because his princess-like dresses were unbelievably flawless and made me jealous through the whole week... so yeah, he is pretty much the KING! 

1- by Georges Hobeika

So what did you think? Do you agree with my Top 25? Which dress was your favorite?
Can't wait to be a designer (dreaming big) ! 

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