Restaurant Review: Maison M

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Hey guys! 
Last Sunday, we had a great lunch gathering with the family and some friends at Maison M in Naccache. 

The restaurant is Lebanese on the first floor and I've been told they serve sushi on the second floor (but I haven't seen it or tasted it: maybe soon)
This restaurant also offers catering. You can find more about it on their website:

I think the first floor is for the tasty Lebanese food and the second floor is the lounge where you can enjoy sushi. 
If you're craving Lebanese food, first, I totally understand, second, you have to try this restaurant cause the food is fabulous. 

Let's agree on the fact that the presentation is nice and simple.
You get bzurat on the table as soon as you're seated. 

Who doesn't love the traditional mezza?
Let's start off with the Tabbouleh.

Taste: Good
Portion: For 3 to 4 people
Shape: Amazing

I'm not the biggest fan of tabbouleh (I prefer Fattoush) and the look made me taste it. 

Stuffed Grape Leaves

Taste: Okay
Portion: For 4 to 5 People
Shape: Okay


Taste: Heavenly
Portion: For 3 to 4 People (or 1 person if you love it as much as I do)
Shape: Flawless

I let my sister have some but mostly, I ate the whole dish.


Taste: Good
Portion: For 3 to 4 People 

Shape: Okay

I didn't particularly like the shape. I'd rather it would come in a bowl. 

I will have to ask again about this. It's the first time I taste something like it.

The dip is itlian-ish. It's based on tomatoes I think.

Taste: Amazing
Portion: For 3 People
Shape: Great

I loved it, it's a kind of Halloumi, I think. But I'll let you know as soon as I can.

Pastrami And Cheese Rolls

Taste: Great
Portion: 6 Rolls
Shape: Amazing

To be honest, I never tasted Pastrami. But, I ended up liking it because I usually love cheese rolls so I guessed it was a good shot. 

French Fries

Taste: Amazing
Portion: For 4 to 5 People
Shape: Excellent

YES, I am supposedly on a diet but no, I couldn't resist them. 

Bird-Head Meat

Taste: Great
Portion: For 3 People
Shape: Good

I'm translating the name literally from Arabic. But no, it's not bird meat. I'm against eating birds.
But they call it that way because the pieces are really small. 

Grilled Chicken, Meat and Rissole 

Taste: Great
Portion: For 5 to 6 People
Shape: Good

Who would have known 'kafta' is called Rissole? 

Now for desert! 


Taste: Amazing
Portion: For 6 to 7 People
Shape: Excellent

I was more than full with what I had eaten but still picked some because they looked good! ;) 


Taste: Great
Portion: 3 Pieces
Shape: Amazing

There are no ways to translate the desert names to English. 


Taste: Super
Portion: 10 Pieces
Shape: Heavenly

Halewet al-Jeben

Taste: Amazing
Portion: For 4 People
Shape: Good

I didn't taste it but I've been told it's good. I don't really like it usually so I passed.

This is my strawberry! ;) 

The order of grading: 

Okay | Good | Great | Super | Amazing | Excellent | Flawless | Heavenly

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  1. Servers at this place were extremely courteous, professional, and fun. We tried a couple of new things at San Francisco restaurants and they were all incredible. We were stuffed with quality food. Almost impossible to find something like this in the city.


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