My Favorite Beauty Items

4:36:00 PM

Hey guys! 
Today, I'm talking about some of my favorite things.

So let's discover everything!
My perfume.
It's my scent and I really don't like changing perfumes. I usually stick to the same one.
This one is my all-time favorite. I've been using it for 3 years maybe.
It smells super extra good while really natural, and it's long-lasting.

 Favorite Nail Polish.
My favorite brand for nail polishes would be China Glaze. It's really good.
The quality is heavenly. Your nails can look so great.
And I guess purple is becoming more and more of a color crush lately, so I guess this one is my favorite. Who doesn't like purple? 

Also, two days ago, I got this Matt Top Coat and I haven't tried it yet.
I love Matt Nail Polish. This trend is great.
I hope this one is good!

My favorite RING.
I couldn't choose between the two, so I decided to go with one silver, one gold.

This one is from Queen's. I actually got it as a gift for my sister if I recall, but since I love rings it's always with me. Oups?

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
This ring is kind of amazing. I over-wore it. It's now becoming pinkish after going underwater.
It's from 'I am'. Don't you want to ride it and get away?

You're going to see these earrings for a while now. I am in love with them.
I always loved the gold and black collision. Aren't they gorgeous?
I got them from Forever 21.

So that's it for The Fashion Challenge Day 3, what do you think? 

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