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Hey Guys! again! ;)
I have recently teamed up with Weddington Way to feature my own Dream Red Carpet look, inspired by one of their bridesmaid dresses. And of course, adding all accessories that are necessary. 

So I chose this strawberry Alfred Sung dress. Check out how I styled it! 
This cocktail dress is amazing for its color first, its texture second and its shape lastly.
It's called Style D589, it has a V-neck line. It's in Peau de Soie.

The shoes I chose are:
These are Jimmy Choo's.
Since I love the designer I directly thought of him for a dreamy look.

Next I chose this necklace. With the V-neck cut of the dress, a beautiful necklace is a must.
It's Cartier from the Caresse d'orchidees Collection. It's worth 54,000$.
I mean, since we're dreaming...

The hairstyle that I would have adopted would be: 
A Careless Low Side-Bun.

Then, this is the clutch. It's Michael Kors. 

Also, I would have chosen light pink nail polish, subtle make-up: pink lips, light pink blush, silver and pink eye shadow, a bit of mascara.
I wouldn't have worn any bracelet, cause I love the naked arms effect.

So I guess that's it! Don't forget to check out Weddington Way and have fun! You can check their bridesmaid dresses too.

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  1. That pink dress in unbelievable!! It's gorgeous! Almost makes me want to get married all over again. lol
    I have bookmarked some prom dress from HouseOfBrides, they leaves me speachless.


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