The Lush Experience

6:39:00 PM

Let's slip into the Lush world! 

Lush, you da bomb. 

Lush is a cosmetics retailer. From bath melts, to lotions to lip balms... Lush is a place that covers all skin/hair care. What does LUSH offer? Well...

1- Massage Bars

- Make-Up 

- Body sprays

- Ballistics 

- Soaps

- Shampoo Bars

What we did?
Well... We made our own blueberry based, fresh, face mask. 

We added some more ingredients and got the whole product that you can check out. 

So head down to Lush if you ever need to take good care of yourself.
Their products are diverse and valid for any skin type! 

GO GO GO! ;) 

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  1. i absolutely love lush products! theres nothing nicer than a nice long soak in a bath with a lush bath bomb. id love it if youd comment back xx


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