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Hey guys! Have a happy April! 
I hope you guys are having one hell of a year so far, if not, you still have plenty of time to make the best out of 2015. 

Personally, I always thought 2015 would be my year and that it would slide by easily. But now I know, it's as good as any year. Of course, life has its ups and downs but I'm still enjoying every part of it. 
Unfortunately, I'm sad to announce Fashion Tea Cup is coming to an end... Let's see why :(
An end? Are you serious?
Well, it is the 1st of April and I had to find something to keep you reading so, happily for me Fashion Tea Cup won't be stopping anytime soon. Which is unfortunate to you because, you still have to cope with the existence of my blog... *evil laugh* 

Anyway, so this isn't only an outfit inspiration but also an announcement. 
Fashion Tea Cup won't be stopping, it will be changing. 
In fact, a lot of new articles, new topics, new categories are coming soon.  

I don't know if you're aware, but when I first started my blog three years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. In fact, it was suggested by my sister to start a blog and I did jump on the occasion without really thinking it through or even looking it up. 

I had a brief glimpse of what it was all about explained to me by my sister. And without planning, editing, realizing anything, I had started My Cup Of Tea. A lot of changes later and Fashion Tea Cup was born. 

I currently love blogging more than anything really. I've always loved writing and we all know how much I love fashion so the combo was perfect for me. 
But the more I wrote, the more I noticed I had to give my blog something else: something different. 

And the more I got advised to show more of my lifestyle. But then it got me thinking, why would anyone be interested in this random person living maybe across the world from them? This is when I realized that I'm the kind of person to be interested in that. I follow so many blogs, fashion icons, celebrities and I still am fascinated by each step they make. But, the difference is that their life is so glamour, while mine is just a student's life struggling to get to the other side. 

And after some more thinking, it hit me. Literally HIT me. I was going through some of my old folders when one came falling down right on my face... ouch. And like a sign from the universe (maybe this is a bit of an exaggeration), the folder in which I gathered all ideas right at the start of the blog: it's like two pages long, not that many ideas, fell open in from of me. *angels chanting hallelujah*

What you have to expect from Fashion Tea Cup starting today: 
- The Designer of the Month and My favorite Picks
- Top 10 Street Style moments of the week
- More Food: recipes, reviews, photos... 
- Fashion Icons of the moment
- A glimpse into my Lifestyle 

So let's hope this all goes well...
And let's all make a wish for April ;)

What do you think? 
Info about the outfit will be available on Instagram! 

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