Happy Women's Day!

7:54:00 PM

Hey guys!
I wish you all a really great women's day!

This day is super important for multiple reasons. Find out why!
Before we get to that, let me tell you more about my outfit. With Spring right around the corner,  flowers are certainly growing but not yet on trees. And on this special day for women all around the world, I wanted to feel the empowerment.
That's actually why I wore the shirt and the blazer, not forgetting the flower prints. 

Because women tend to forget, in our society, that dressing smart shows perfectly our strength and our capacities. Of course looks aren't the only things that matter, hard work is also a necessity. But I believe it's a whole package and that, as a woman or a man, you can't be taken seriously if you're not dressed properly. 

I don't know if you know this, but I'm a pure feminist and one of my main goals is to help this cause throughout my life. Now, I might not be the best informed about the subject but I'm still trying to learn about the fight women have been dealing with forever. 

This day is super extra important because :

1. It's a day to remember everything women have been through over the years: 
from no income, to low income, to an important place in economy; from housewives to business women... 

2. It's a day to notice what's still not right in the world: 
to raise awareness, to help everyone, to focus on new goals and new challenges...

3. It's a day for women to cherish and men to understand:
it's a great time for people (both women and men) to feel equal, admit it and accept it. 

Shirt: Stradivarius
Pants: ZARA 
Shoes: Nike
Blazer: ZARA 
Glasses: DKNY 

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