SIN Sarakbi Nahas #wrappedinSIN

3:31:00 PM

Tuesday, I went to the opening of SIN. The little collection was breathtaking.
It was all inspired by modern fashion.

The mood was smooth, with really damp lightening to put value to the amazing bright colors. 
The GEO collection proposes a re-interpretation of geometric structures and patterns with sharp strokes of color that are sure to turn any outfit into a stand-out style statement.

The cherry on top was this scarf that was worn by the mannequin.
The color blocking movement is amazing. 

Some scarves are also unisex or for men.
I believe scarves can turn a man into a real fashionisto. It's the true secret to men's fashion. 

So make sure you check out the online store for SIN Sarakbi Nahas.
SIN Sarakbi Nahas aims to infuse true artistic expression into the ultimate fashion accent: the scarf.
All scarves are made with Italian fabrics.

What I wore and my +1. I'll make sure I add an outfit post about what I wore with all details ;)
Flowers for Spring goes on... 

Wrap yourself in SIN and get noticed. 

Cheers to the amazing colors and the amazing geometric shapes!

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