7 Best Fashion Moments of the Week

11:09:00 AM

Hey guys! 
Ready to see who made it to this week's iconic moment?

Let's start off with the top of the top:
1. Gigi Hadid, spending her 20th birthday shooting in Miami.
This is probably my favorite shot of Gigi of all time. 
2. With her latest movie release, Blake Lively has been turning heads with an unbelievable fashion sense. Her looks this week, seemed fresh and classy.

She's a true icon when it comes to fashion.

Did anyone watch The Age of Adaline yet? Dying to see it! 

3. Reese Witherspoon 

PS. She was announced one of the most influential icons.

4. Kendall Jenner.
She was looking stunning as ever, going for pancakes. 

5. Another one for Kendall Jenner who showed off her legs last night. 

6. Lily-Rose Deep's first ever photo shoot.

7. Taylor Swift's shoot with Glamour magazine! 

Of course, there's no order to these photos. But if I had to choose, my two favorites would be:

Gigi Hadid & Taylor Swift

Which are yours?! 

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