A Tribute To Basil Soda

9:57:00 AM

Hey guys! 
The awful news of the amazing designer Basil Soda still has me shaken. 

His passing away is really hard to cope with, specially with his amazing talent. This is the first post labeled Designer of the Month, and I decided to pay tribute to Basil Soda. 

Unfortunately, I never got to meet the Lebanese designer but I did meet his designs in my dreams all the time. In fact, the extraordinary creations can really leave you breathless. 

The designer of the stars, from Katy Perry to Marion Cotillard, has reached a world-wide success. Personally, I mostly admired his bridal dresses. The simplicity and chic they all gather is impeccable.

My Picks of the designer's creations:

Top 3 Bridal

Top 10 Ready-To-Wear

Top 5 Haute-Couture

Iconic Red Carpet Moments

Katy Perry in Basil Soda in 2009

Emily Blunt in Basil Soda in 2009

Giuliana Rancic in Basil Soda

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