My 18th Birthday Wishlist - Spring/Summer Wishlist

8:52:00 PM

Hey Guys! 
So today, I spent my day in Achrafieh, where we held an event related to uniting Lebanon. Unfortunately, I'm kind of sick now and I spent the rest of my day in bed, drinking tea and eating oranges because... vitamin C, right?

And then I noticed that only 23 days are separating me from my long-awaited birthday! I'm turning 18 on the 7TH OF MAY and I couldn't be more excited. This is why I decided to blog about my wishlist. 
It's all about the stuff that are trendy and that I definitely would enjoy having!
So, It's all about what's hot right now...

1- Adidas: I'd actually love two specific sneakers!

First, the light pink Supercolor from the collection PharellWilliamsXAdidas.

Second, the adidas superstar 80s sneakers from the collection RitaOraXAdidas

2- Meslita Skirt from Coast Stores

3- I'd like 2 specific swimsuits from Triangl. 

First, The Milly - Santa Rosa Splash.

Second, The Poppy - Peach Soda.

4- I can never have enough shoes. The Superga 2790 Netw - Silver

5 - I also, definitely, need boho-chic clothes.
With coachella happenning these two weeks, I'm craving boho.

6- I couldn't find a proper picture but I do want a Nike basketball. I know, I'm really weird, but I do love basketball and I always really want to play but I have never have a ball.
So, I really need it. 

7- Speaking of Nike, a gift card from it would be pretty great.
I don't know if you've noticed but I'm kind of an addict.
8- A Polaroid.

I guess that's all.
It's all I want really. Of course, there are some other fancy stuff at the back of my head, but I'd be satisfied with just anything.
Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE birthdays? I swear, I live for birthdays.

It's just such a sweet day where you get to make the birthday boy/girl happy.
It's beautiful.

PS: Dad, if you ever do read that, I'd like a Range Rover Evoque, either the full-on black or the one with the upper part black and the rest grey.
No, but let's be serious, getting my license would suffice. I just want to be able to drive myself anywhere I want, even in a pick-up truck.
Wait, that'd be AWESOME!

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