7 Reasons to Wake Up Early

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Hola Princesses! 
How are you all doing? I am more than sorry that I haven't posted anything for a while, to be honest, I hadn't had any time to breathe, with the baccalaureate, the exams, the last-minute runs to get everything ready in time for the graduation and prom.

So, anyway. I've been discussing my sleeping schedule with some friends two days ago. And they were all quite shocked as to how and why, I manage to wake up so early.
Are you a late or an early riser?

Let's see why you should be an early riser!

There are so many reasons to wake up early, it's been scientifically proven to be useful.
But while I'm far, far, far... from science, I'm just giving out the reasons I believe, are good enough to turn your lifestyle upside down. 

Reason #1 - More Time to be Alive.

This might seem really deep to you, or really stupid because you think you can compensate with time spent awake at night. You might also think that waking up early will make you more tired. WRONG! (I swear this is scientifically right) Waking up early is less damaging to your energy than waking up late. I honestly know from experience that this is true. 

Reason #2 - Breakfast! 

How can you wake up late and miss the chance of having breakfast? This could be one of my biggest fears. Breakfast is something I look forward to because I eat anything I want to eat, whereas later on in the day, I'm pretty cautious about the food I eat. So, yes, breakfast is definitely a good reason for you to get yourself out of bed early. 

Reason #3 - Seeing the sun rise.

The most beautiful sight you can ever see would be the sun rising. People are usually quite attracted by the sunset late in the afternoon, but believe me, there's nothing better than watching the whole world in front of you switching from darkness to light. I think it's kind of a mantra to some yoga technique or something...

Reason #4 - Productivity.

Rising early is definitely a push forward for your productivity. The morning is for some reason the most productive time of your day. I think the brain cells are well rested and are ready for a new day of learning and working... 

Reason #5 - Peace & Quiet. 

If you wake up earlier than everyone, you can enjoy some alone time, with only the singing of birds greeting you. It's quite an amazing feeling really! You can even wake up the same time as everyone else (I'm talking about your household), and still look outside and see that the whole world is as peaceful as it can get: no honking, no yelling... You'll see it all under its most innocent way.

Reason #6 - More Goals To Succeed at.

Do you have goals? Of course you do! If you don't then, we have something else to discuss...
For those of you who have goals and who are ready to work to get them, there's no better way to organize yourself than waking up early and planning your way to success.
For those of you who don't have goals, make sure to comment below so I can contact you and give you a life-changing speech.

Reason #7 - Happiness.

Sleeping more in the morning increases your chances at depression. Which is quite bad... obviously. But the thing is, you'll sleep more if you're depressed, and then, you'll sleep more and more and more...
If you are reading this and relate, make sure to start acting now and pursue your happiness! 

So that was it for Rising Early!
Make sure to comment below telling me all that crossed your mind.
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I leave you with this french expression: 

"Le monde appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt."

Meaning: The world belongs to those who rise early. 

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  1. Reason #8. You will feel a great morning And your happy time will last longer :)


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