7 Reasons to Cut Your Hair

5:30:00 PM

Hey Guys!
Hope you're all doing well. I'm officially done with all things related to school, graduation, prom... I'm so happy this whole phase is over. Now, I can focus on my blog and on my professional career. 

I'm so eager to start doing what I love, and I'm so excited for the big change in my life. Speaking of change, I'm cutting my hair this week and so I thought it would be appropriate for me to speak about it here.

Let me start by saying, I've had long hair for like 17 years before I started cutting my hair to medium-length or even short-length. So, short hair is quite new to me. 

Here are the reasons that motivated me to convert to the 'short hair, don't care' movement. 

#1 - Long hair, have to care.

While some people don't really care about their hair when it's long, I believe it's quite hard to maintain the good quality, good appearance and good health of long hair. Speaking from experience, with naturally good hair (excuse my modesty), I can honestly say, the burden of having to brush my hair every day with a huge tuft, can totally weight on my morning routine.

#2 - Short hair looks classier.

While this is strictly a social prejudice, I do think that short hair looks classier. (When I say short hair, I also mean medium-length.) Long hair tend to give the teenager vibe. The teenager vibe is the fact that people might think you're the careless, wild newbie. Short hair looks more professional, more mature and looks definitely classier than long hair.

#3 - A fresh new leaf.

Since I'm done with all school-related things, it's finally time for me, myself and I. What's a better way to start fresh, if not by getting a haircut. Plus, with your new beginning, cutting back on conditioner will be useful for your wallet.

#4 - Less bad hair days. 

It's probably bad to admit this, but my hair controls me.
A good hair day is a good Thea day & a bad hair day is a bad Thea day. 
That was me, putting my hair obsession to words. 

#5 - Reveal your face. 

Long hair tends to make your face look smaller. With all the volume it has, long hair takes the attention away from your face, which would be quite sad because you're beautiful. Medium/Short hair would actually be complimenting your face. Your face will look more at ease.
Fun Fact: After I cut my hair, my dark circles almost disappeared. 

#6 - Short hair makes you more comfortable. 

You won't loose your hair when in the shower, or while brushing it. You won't feel guilty because your hair is all over the place, or all over the face of someone else. You won't be worried if it still looks good, because it's always good.

#7 - Summer has to be a good time for a haircut.

It's too hot to be surrounded with a mass of hair. It's too hot for you to even care about long hair.
So come over to the dark side and join the 'short hair, don't care' community.
We're a lot more fun!

So what's your current hair like?
Would a haircut even cross your mind?
Comment below! 

Make sure to share this post if it was helpful and keep up with me to see the major change once I get my haircut! 

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