A great way to DETOX

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Hey Guys! 
Hope you're all well. I definitely am good.
I lost 3 kilograms with an 8-day-long detox two weeks ago and I still haven't gained the weight back! 

The detox I did was nothing severe, and was definitely useful for a summer kick start! 

(It was actually meant to be a 10-day-long detox, which I could have easily done, but I turned sick on the last two days and it was healthier for medical causes for me to eat something different!)
Here's how it goes! 

A typical day is: 


2 Rice Cakes with either:
a spoon of peanut butter (preferably organic)/ a spoon of thyme/ a spoon of yogurt (labne)


Option 1 - A quinoa salad with vegetables and legumes! 
Option 2 - Quinoa with fish (only three times in 10 days)
Option 3 - Iceberg/Lettuce salad with tuna/salmon 


Soups! Soups! Soups! 

Now that you understand a bit of what to eat daily, here's some other tips! 


- 30 minute of walking, twice every 5 days! 
- Drink plenty of water.
- If hungry, eat cucumbers as much as you want! 
- You're allowed 2 snacks per day: a small fruit, and a little piece of dark chocolate/ other sugary stuff (in very little portion)
- Have a very busy week so you can really take your mind off of eating. 
- Weigh yourself before starting, and after finishing.

Not To-dos: 

- Do not eat chicken/ meat. 
- Do not add too much peanut butter or any flavor on your rice cake (like I did the first three days).
- Do not starve yourself, if you're really hungry and you already had a meal, first start by drinking water, waiting 20 minutes, because it could take that long for your body to know it's full. If you're still hungry, take a bit more of what you just had, it's going to take you some time to get used to that lifestyle. 
-When you're done with your detox, try not to go back to an unhealthy lifestyle, keep doing what's better for your health and body. You'll feel better. 
- Do not weigh yourself everyday (I did that). Try to resist the temptation of knowing.
Instead, check the balance every 3 days. 

If you're trying this detox, make sure to tell me in the comments below!
If you want to know more about this detox, follow me on snapchat: theamechleb: I'm doing it again very soon! 

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