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Hey Guys! 
Today, I want to talk to you about Steven Khalil, a talented young designer, based in Australia.
Steven Khalil is mostly famous for his bridal collections.

At age 19, he was done with his fashion studies.
At age 22, he was already Head Designer of a bridal house.

Let's see the best and worst of this talent! 

I have gone over and over his bridal collection for several times, I can't even find anything wrong with it.
My top #5 of his bridal dresses are: 





And the best for last: #1

I am also amazed by his Couture Collection 2014! 

But, unfortunately, some dresses have to go to the 'Worst' side.
I strongly dislike this one due to the mix of textures.

This one's problem is definitely the pattern on the front. It's quite chaotic.  

I also watched his 2015 Couture Collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. 

My Dislikes:

My Likes: 

With these last 4 creations, he proved he mastered originality. 

So here are the worst and best creations by Steven Khalil according to me! 

Do you agree?! 

Make sure to comment below telling me all that crossed your mind.
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