The Right Products for Your Nails

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Hey Guys!
How are you all doing? Today, and every other day of my life, I've been struggling with my nails.
In fact, nails are the cherry on top of a fashion statement. 

Do you struggle with your nails as much as I do?

Here are some products that I believe are irreplaceable when it comes to nails! 

Here are some nail problems I face daily: 
- When your nails break.
- When your nails peel.
- When your nail polish peels.
- When your nails bend.
- When you're really bad at painting your nails.
- When your nail polish remover dries off your whole hand.

Here are some ways I found to fix all of those problems! 

Product #1 - Nail Hardener

This Eveline hardener is amazing. I use it as a base before I start painting my nails!

Product #2 - My Nail Polishes

My two favorite nail polish brands are ChinaGlaze and SaintGermain.
They're long-lasting and don't damage your nails!

Product #3 - Vitamins

My nails are so weak, I definitely need some reinforcement!
I take two pills of these vitamins daily and I can really see the effect!

Product #4 - Peeling Scrub

This scrub comes directly from Jordan.
It contains dead sea minerals.

Product #5 - Nail Polish Remover

This is quite good for removal. It's quick and doesn't leave any traces!

Product #6 - Top Coat

Whether a shiny top coat or matte one, here are my two favorites!
The SaintGermain is pretty good: it keeps the shine of your nails, whereas the MollonPro doesn't leave any traces of shine and doesn't damage your skin. 

These are all the things I use besides of course a filer, a towel, cotton...

Are you satisfied with the items you use?

Should I do a post about the right way to paint your nails?!
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