3 Rules for Styling Crop Tops

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Hey Guys!
Hope you've all been good. I've been struggling for these past few days without my camera. You can call it technical problems... but let's be honest, my sister took it with her to France. 

I've been wanting to post something about crop tops for such a long time.
Crop tops are on the list of hardest items to style. They're really delicate to handle.
One wrong thing, can turn them into real closet monsters.

Rule #1 - Whether you have a flat belly, or some curves, crop tops should not be worn with low waisted items, unless it's long-sleeved, then we can negotiate. The beauty of the crop top is to show the area right above your belly button, which is the thinnest area for women (no matter your size). 

You do not want to fall into the Teenager Vibe*. 
* The 'Teenager Vibe' describes a state in which the person is considered to be a newbie, to be careless and unprofessional.

I'm in love with this shot.
Rule #2 - Crop tops are all about proportions. 'Proportion' when it comes to how much skin you show. I'm talking from a really open, non-conservative, point of view.
In this case, my crop top shows my whole shoulder area, as well as a part of my belly.
It's more than enough skin showing, this is why my legs are fully covered.

Rule #3 - Crop tops are not meant to be the center of attention. When styling a crop top make sure that some other item, some other color, some other pattern is stealing the attention away from it.

If you want the crop top to be the center of attention, make sure the other items are really neutral, while not forgetting about rule #1 & rule #2.

Crop Top: Vera & Lucy
Pants: Zara
Heels: Primadonna

Thank you for reading, hope this helped!
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- xo

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