Culottes' Slim

6:02:00 PM

Hey Guys!
Hope you've all been well. I've had some offline time due to some technical problems. But I'm back!
Guess who's back as well! Culottes! 

Straight from the Victorian Era to our modern-like fairy-tale, they're back to take over our closets. There are so many reasons I love culottes and so many ways I love to style 'em. 
In this outfit inspiration, I wore my culottes in a very chic tomboy way.

One of the many reasons I love culottes would be: the slimming part of it. 

As the woman with large hips that I am, I tend to show off my waistline and hide my abnormally large thighs... I might be a bit exaggerating.
Anyways, so the flawless way to do that would be to adopt the new trend: culottes.

With its skirt-like hang, a culotte is the best item for a chic and easy outfit.  

Also, I'm in love with this brick-red color. It's such a great tone for summer. It can easily be matched with black and that's how you pull off summer blacks! 

Great announcement by the way: I'm teaming up with Blonde Dusk to whom I give full credits for these pictures. We are working on some new ideas together so stay tuned for really fun deals! 
You can follow us both on Snapchat for previews: 
Mine: theamechleb
Hers: farrahkd

Culottes: Zara
Top: Zara
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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- Until next time...

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