6 Things About The French Riviera

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Hey Guys!
Today I'm spilling all the details about my stay on the french riviera. Several things caught my eyes and here are the best of the best. I present you, 6 Things About The French Riviera.

Bear with me and discover why the Cote d'Azur should be your next destination.
Feel like visiting several, internationally recognized spots? The French riviera is the place to go.

#1 - Cannes

Whether you're a film enthusiast, or not, you can check out this amazing, historical city. 
Cannes is located on the coast and holds memories you need to learn about.
My Advice - Take the little train when you're there. It will make you look at Cannes in a new perspective!

#2 - Monaco

This city will make you cry tears you never thought you had. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and so many other great creations of men will turn the streets into their runways.
But the view will leave you satisfied. If you're a car enthusiast, such as myself, go go go.

My Advice - Have dinner at Miramar. It's delicious and fancy! (but not too fancy *$*)

#3 - Nice

If you're looking to lay down on the beach and chill, tan, read..., Nice is the place to go to. With it's great beaches and the amazing old town, the city will definitely refresh you.

My Advice - Choose a hotel in Nice because it's not as expensive as other french riviera cities and it's in the middle of the whole coast. Your access to the other cities will be easier.

#4 - La Promenade des Anglais 

This amazing spot in Nice will leave you speechless. From runners to bikers, from tanners to dog walkers, you will find a multitude of people walking along this road. 
Palm trees are planted all over the sides. It's the Beverly Hills of France.

My Advice - Take your bike and travel all over the Promenade des Anglais until you reach the old castle where you can take AMAZING pictures. 

#5 - Saint Tropez

Did not visit it due to the lack of time but would have loved to. I saw pretty pictures about it and I can't really say anything personal because it's not a part of my experience.
However, I can tell you it looks good and it definitely has the nightlife you're seeking.

My Advice - Plan your stay before leaving so you don't end up an hour far from Saint Tropez without visiting it. Oups...

So would you consider The French Riviera for your next trip? 

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