Taste Buds All Over Miramar - Monaco

8:42:00 PM

Hey Guys! 
I'm back from France. I had a blast in Paris as well as on the South coast of the country. Here's my first food post related to the trip. 

If you ever get the chance to visit Monaco, here's the place to dine at. 

It's called Miramar and is located on the port road of Monaco. 

The prices are as good as they can get when in Monaco. 
Prices are not as low as a McDonald but are still better than a Hilton. 

There's a wide range of food variety, from French to Italian, the Miramar offers the best cuisine with amazing portions.

Confession - It was the first time I taste mussels and I loved them. 

These first three pictures consisted of our appetizers. 

Here's a steak that my dad ate. I had a bite and it was also flawless. 

Here's the fun fact of my whole trip - I had salmon at LEAST once a day during 9 days.
As you can see, it was an unforgettable week!

This fish was also heavenly. I swear, make sure you go to Miramar once you visit Monaco.
Definitely the restaurant to try when you're there.

Which plate would you have picked? 

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