The Shirt Dress

5:30:00 PM

Hey Guys!
Summer is almost over for me. I start university soon and I can't wait. 
I think my college time will be as summer-ish as one can be. 

Going into fashion design is probably going to be really pleasant for me. Work will be fun and learning will be interesting... That's a change. 

Is it okay to dress up in your father's shirt? Well if it's not okay, then this rule was never mentioned in front of me.
With the tons of walking we did daily, I needed something MORE than comfortable to survive my abnormally long days.
The Shirt Dress is a trend that's delicate. If you really want to pull it off, make sure you go heavy on the accessories part. Watch, bracelet, necklace, sunglasses, rings and everything in between.

I spotted an old lady selling amazing candies. Who could say no to extra large Marshmallows?

Shirt - Lacoste
Shoes - Superga
Watch - Omorfia
Sunglasses - DKNY
Bag - Aldo

Would you consider the shirt dress for your next outfit?

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  1. Truly amazing! Thanks for sharing

    leather accessories with the preference of design of your choice.

  2. Amazing photo shoot! Outwear is looking Stunning! Batman jacket


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