7 Things About Monaco

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Hey Guys!
Here's a cool post about Monaco if you've ever thought of going there.
I would definitely recommend it, if you haven't visited yet.

How cool would it be to reach that spot and see Monaco right under you?
If you're not smitten by this little country, stick with me so you can be.

#1 - Colorful Buildings

While arriving to Monaco, you're entering a whole new culture, of actual mixed cultures in a very artistic, creative way.

#2 - The Sea

The blue Mediterranean Sea is our best-friend all around the countries. But this was something else, because wherever you are in Monaco, you can feel it rushing through your veins. Woop, went a little too deep there.

#3 - History & Religion

You might think Monaco is for the rich society, for the youngsters and holds no history whatsoever, but you're wrong. With its dynasty ruling over the years, the little place of heaven represents some historical characteristic. 

#4 - The Port

One of the most amazing sights you can get a glimpse of would be this one. All you need now would be your yacht for a short adventure on the coast. 

#5 - Mother Nature in all her forms

Whether palm trees or angry birds, you can find a peaceful ambiance in Monaco because of its calming nature. 

#6 - Casino

I paid like a 100 euros and gained like 25 in slot machines. Yeah, I'm a true addict.
I never liked slot machines but the way my mother and I were playing was pretty fun. 

#7 - Of course! The CARS!

It's like a constant car show around Monaco. And if everything above didn't make you cry, this certainly will.

Hope you guys liked this post and love it if you would share it. 
Make sure to go to Monaco and tell me if you disagree with something I said.

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