Who Are You To Judge?

10:48:00 PM

People stare. People will give you weird looks and make you feel uncomfortable. 
I have two kinds of people to address. 

And those two kinds of people are simply, the ones judging and the ones being judged.

First, let me speak to those being judged. Under the intense stares of those around you, make sure to keep your head high and your eyes way above. 

Someone that might judge you for your hair color, your choice of shirt, or the piercing in your nose, is not and should not be worthy of your attention. 

You left your house believing in yourself, who are they to change any of your mindsets

Second, let me speak to those judging. Some cliche quotes come to mind - Don't judge a book by its cover - Don't judge my path if you haven't walked my journey. Both are precise. It's the exact advice I'm trying to give. 

Here are the questions to ask yourself: Who are you to judge? Are you even close to being perfect yourself? 

Finally, you're a free person. You made your choices, let others do theirs without having a say in them.

I'll let you do the guessing for the question coming up.

Any idea why this was the topic of today's post? 
And do you agree? 

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  1. Its my first time reading your blog you should post pictures about your packs your gymbuddy would be proud of you

  2. I love your confidence


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