The MAC-Diction

4:41:00 PM

Hello Everybody!

As promised, here's my review of four little products I've been obsessed with lately. 

Time to activate your make-up skills. (Or should I say, MAC-tivate)

#1 - Select Cover-Up Concealer

Soft and proficient would be the most appropriate adjectives to describe this unavoidable product. Being someone with hereditary MAJOR dark circles, I wouldn't trade it for any other concealer. 

#2 - Matchmaster Foundation

If you're looking for a natural, long-lasting foundation to hide all flaws and unify your tint to the perfection, well congratulations because you just found it.
This product is here to make you America's Next Top Model.

#3 - The Russian Red 

This red is fall-appropriate. Not too dark, not too light, it's the exact shade you need this season. The MAC lipstick offers an amazing quality and a breathtaking alluring color that amazes all lookers.
What's that famous quote of Bill Blass'?
'When in doubt, wear RED.'

#4 - The Studio Fix Powder

Here's a little tip I learned through experience - always powder-up when done with your basic make-up (concealer + foundation). Powder will enlighten your face and extend the longevity of your make-up. 
And if you want to choose a glorifying powder to fix-up your glamour, this product is the right one for you.

Are you willing to accumulate these products?
Or should I say... MAC-cumulate!

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