7 Outfits That Are Costume Material - The Berbara Guide for Every Fashionista

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Hey Teacuppers!
As you may or may not know, I'm a 100% Lebanese. And here in Lebanon, we celebrate Saint Barbara's Day in a unique way. 

We wear costumes to remember the way Saint Barbara used to live her life and this tradition is always compared to Halloween for an outsider.
Let me explain it to you. 
From what I know, Saint Barbara used to change herself to be able to cross from place to place without being noticed. I'm not really sure why she couldn't be her own self so I'm not going to add this information.

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Problem is, in our country, some people are against celebrating Halloween for multiple reasons. 
One of them, being that since Western societies don't celebrate Berbara with us, we should not celebrate Halloween.


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Why Can't We Celebrate BOTH? I mean you do get the best of both worlds!
Let's face it, dressing up in a costume is pretty fun and the more you get the chance to do it, the better.

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I approve with the sacred roots some are trying to keep. I agree that we should not let go of our symbols and idioms.
But opening up to new ideas and improving our ways is not wrong.

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Celebrate Halloween. Celebrate Berbara too. 
Don't you get it? We have a holiday ADORED by everyone, twice. 
Because that is how amazing we are.

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ANYWAYS! On a brighter note, here's some inspiration for fashionable outfits that work as costumes for those who don't want to let go of their fashion rules! 

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Hope you found what you were looking for, along with some Lebanese information/lesson. Have a good Berbara! 

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