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10:52:00 AM

Hey Teacuppers!

Yes, I'm going to start calling you Teacuppers! 
Check out my new hairstyle!
My whole life, I have hated several things about myself... My list of insecurities never seemed to end. Confidence is still so new to me but I insist on spreading it around. 

You see, one of the things I struggled with is my skin tone. I always wanted to have a darker skin color because it hides LOADS of imperfections. And that would have been the best deal ever.

I always bought make-up that is darker than my actual color. I tried several tanning techniques, from sitting in the sun with no sunscreen for hours (you can guess how that turned out) to self-tanning lotions that ended up turning me into a dalmatian.  
Speaking of dalmatian, how cute is this black and white dress?

However, one thing I never tried doing was (please remember the term) EMBRACING it.
I mean yeah, I might have a skin color that allows all imperfections to burst out, and yeah, it is too sensible and needs extra care but... how else can I pull off ginger hair?

So, yeah my way of over-coming my imperfections is to find a way to make it perfect. 
I already know what upcoming comments will point out.
'But you are changing yourself.'

Well, let me answer your thoughts before you waste your time trying to contradict me. 
What's wrong with change if it's towards positiveness?

And last but not least, two shout outs go to:
Dgee For Her - an amazing store with fine brands and taste.
Rami Reaidy Beauty Lounge - an amazing hairdresser I could never change.

Dress - Imperial / Shoes - Adidas StanSmith / Skinny Bracelet - Swarovski / Watch - Michael Kors 

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  3. you should make longer posts
    I like your ideas, specially embracing imperfections. this is the generation of body diversity Keep going

  4. Simply beautiful and subtly sexy.



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