The DRESSEMBER Challenge - December & The Fight To End Violence Against Women

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Hey Teacuppers! 
Hope you're all as excited for December as I am. This month, amazing posts await you. I'm currently bidding my goodbyes to November and welcoming the last, most festive month of the year - December.

And with every month, new challenges are dealt with... For December 2015, I am taking part in The Dressember FoundationYou can join me, if you're interested in raising awareness and spreading the word about ending violence towards women. 

So, sign up, join Fashion Tea Cup as a team, and let's start making a change.

How A Dress Can Change The World

I think it's important to take on this challenge, and show that, as women, we are not willing to take bullshit from anyone. I also believe, that in the society I live in (Lebanon), it's major to show that we're not going to be silent about what's happening to women because 'we have bigger issues'. 

I don't think the world can go anywhere if half its population is not treated the same way as the other half. (Not sure about that whole half thing)

The challenge is simple, you wear a dress a day everyday of the month to show off your femininity and your women pride. 

If you are joining in, please do tell me. You might even get rewarded.

You can post pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter... 
You can even send them to my email - since everyone will be featured through the month. 

Tell everyone you know. It's a matter that involves us all.

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