DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Six - The Beauty Of The Slip-On Sweater Dress

11:00:00 AM

Let me walk you through style in cold weather.

Hope you guys are all cozy and warm in bed and not out there in the freezing cold. But for those of you who are not, the survival kit for the cold is only one item away!

I have to be the most stubborn human being when it comes to winter. Honestly, summer weather looks so much better on me.
Basically, I'm in denial when the weather gets cold.

The one item your wardrobe is missing is - The Sweater Dress.

No matter what you pair it with, as long as it's thick and colorful, expect it to be your go-to solution ALL WINTER LONG!

What's cool about this Pink Aubergine dress is that it's so simple and trendy that styling it is the easiest thing ever. 

Dress - Pink Aubergine 
Shoes - Superga

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