DRESSEMBER Challende Day 28 - Music To My Ears

8:48:00 PM

Black & White, it's been a while.

What are your plans for the new year?

Let's talk resolutions. 

Improving yourself is the idea behind resolutions.

Resolutions are not made for you to be idealistic, to create out of yourself someone you're not. Resolutions are for you to improve what's missing. 

Resolutions are a wake-up call. Not more, not less.

They're here to remind you that you still have the chance to change something, to do something you love and believe in. 

My resolutions are pretty simple - do more of what I love.
Do more, more and more!

Believe in myself (even more than I already do).
Believe in my own ideas.
Believe in my own plans.

What are yours?

Dress - DGEE 
Earrings - LEONIE 

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