DRESSEMBER Challenge Day 24 - A Very Merry Christmas

7:13:00 PM

Teacuppers! It's Christmas Eve. 
I hope you're all having a very merry Christmas!

And I hope you're all spending this time with your loved ones.

Introducing the last of Dgee on Fashion Tea Cup (for Dressember). 
With the amazing Farrah
Who is MY partner in crime. 

What's better than gold for Christmas?

I discovered an appreciation for Christmas that is unbelievable.
I was never the one to enjoy Christmas usually. 
However this year I learned to love it. 
Everyone seems to be so much happier for Christmas, it would be amazing if Christmas could be all year long. 

 Anyway, expect the resolution posts to kick-in soon because man do I have plans for 2016!
I also learned to love photoshoots and taking pictures (of myself or of others). 
Also expect a post about that.

Got a bit off topic there but here's the deal.
I wish you all amazing people a great great night, a great great week and a great great time!

Dress - DGEE / Photography - Abbas Atat

Be safe!

- Thea 

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