DRESSEMBER Challenge Day 30 - The Only New Year Resolution You Really Need

10:25:00 AM

Girls, listen up. 

You're more than just a pretty face. You're more than just some nice curves.

I understand we all try and get a good body. And I love the fact that everyone wants to be fit and not skinny. 

I respect it when girls work on their curves. When they show off their nice features. However, there's a point where it has to stop.

Ladies are more than their physical aspect. 
You're a mind and a person of your own.

You're pretty? Awesome. 
You're hot? Awesome.
It's awesome to feel confident with your body. 

But have a mind. Think with your head not your body. 
Don't let your words in.
You've got the power to make a change, to believe in yourself and in others.

Don't let your body be the limit of your intelligence.
I'm not going to say looks don't matter.
I believe looks matter A LOT. 
But there's more to life than appearances. 

There's beliefs, there's hard-work, there's success.

The whole world is in front of you, so make it a new year resolution to thrive and empower yourself.

I hate it when someone says - Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.
Honestly, it's the most sexist sentence every.

I'd say - 
Act Like Yourself, Think Like A Queen. 
Honestly, there's no other way to succeed in life than to believe you are powerful.

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