DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Eight - CHAYAKA!

11:00:00 AM

Teacuppers! Teacuppers!
Remember two days ago when I teased you about the 'Rawr At Lebanon' post? 

Well basically, it's 1/5 outfits from the same retailer and this one, is the 2/5.
I loved shooting this. Take a look!

Chayaka is a store located in Achrafieh.
It deals with international brands with the finest of choices.

This store handles taste, chic and finesse perfectly.

Even with the most neutral of colors, the quality and the concepts of the dresses are reflected. 

This is a dress over which a top has been added. The dress part (black), is pretty simple and the the top part (grey) adds up to the complexity.

Chayaka's outfits play a lot on confidence. They show off just the right features.

All in all, Chayaka is my current favorite! 

I paired it with my one true love - Pop 3arabeh.
I know you can't get enough of these earrings ;), so I won't stop!

Dress - Chayaka / Earrings - Pop 3arabeh / Heels - H&M / Metallic Bracelet - Dgee / Other Bracelet - Accessorize / Clutch - Dgee 

Please tell me you love it ! 

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  1. Such a great outfit. I love your sweater. Gemma xx


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