DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Eighteen - The Empowering Outfit

10:33:00 AM

I already apologized on Instagram for the delay. 
Try to understand me, please?

Here's my 18th dress of the month, hope you like it!

I call this outfit - the empowering outfit.
Basically, it's got fur, leather, velvet and a dress.

What more to boost your confidence?

Have you seen the amazing Christmas feels at Beirut Souks and Downtown?

If you haven't, what are you waiting for?

Then again, I shouldn't be the one to talk when I haven't been to Jbeil yet.
But I will, right after finals! 

Speaking of finals - wish me luck!

Anyways, shall I make a post about ways to boost your confidence? 
I got my say on that.

You might think I'm done, but that's not even the last post of the day! WAIT FOR IT!

Dress - Forever Unique / Fur - Bershka / Shoes - H&M

I wore this comfortable outfit to Joueclub's initiative for Christmas called #UnNoel100FoisPlusBeau
It was really amazing to see that much happiness and to be a part of it!

By the way, my photo-shoots are always horizontal, but this time I tried vertical pictures. Which do you prefer?

Your thoughts?!

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