DRESSEMBER Challenge Day Eleven - Bows, Comfort & DGEE!

3:24:00 PM

Hey Hey Hey!
I know I haven't posted yesterday. But here are two posts!
This one being first and the next one coming up in a minute!

And we go on with bows! 

I want to talk about comfort today. As you may know, I always make sure comfort is a feature in the outfit I'm wearing. I mean, comfort is the basis of confidence, right? 

Here's the deal. The shoes on the left are my mom's. Her shoe size is 35/36, whereas mine is 37/38. For the sake of this shoot, I thought I could make the effort of torturing my feet. 

However, there's a simple reason I didn't end up going through that - comfort.
If I'm not comfortable with what I'm wearing, how can I send you the message of it? 

You see in this next photo, I look really robotic, but truth is, I'm really comfortable and it shows. 

Now these black heels are also my mom's ;). I basically use her stuff so much (when they fit). And wearing them wasn't so bad. 

This was my first reaction to tight shoes. 

But these ones were slightly larger than the others which made them wearable for me. 

Comfort is everything.

Dress - DGEE / Black Heels - Primadonna / Sneakers - H&M / Burgundy Heels - Schutz 

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